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Registration Open Now: The 2022 Annual Meeting for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action

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The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (the Alliance) is organizing the 2022 Annual Meeting for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action over a virtual platform from the 20th to 22nd of June. This will include discussions dedicated to the theme of the annual meeting: Promoting the Centrality of Children and their Protection in Humanitarian Action through Accountability, Localisation and Working Across Sectors.

This year’s theme was selected to inform and drive discussions on the transformation of the Alliance strategy into a concrete and ambitious strategic plan. This will be done by exploring the strategic priorities of the Alliance and how they interrelate and reinforce each other; conceptually and practically.

The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for humanitarian actors to come together and exchange knowledge and experience, while networking with other agencies, academics, policy makers and donors. The annual meeting represents a forum where important themes can be discussed and ways forward can be developed.

Live interpretation for French, Spanish and Arabic will also be available during the event.

If you are interested to join, kindly fill out the below form with all necessary details to help us better cater to your needs. Feel free to share this registration with your interested colleagues.

Register here.

Registration Deadline: 15th June 2022

Special Notice! During the 2022 Annual Meeting, we will invite participants to engage in discussions and activities in the CPHA Community of Practice. If you are not already part of this online community, please register before the meeting! Please register here: