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The Alliance Strategy (2021-2025) | A Clarion Call: The Centrality of Children and their Protection within Humanitarian Action

The Alliance Strategy, Clarion call, Centrality of children
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Introducing the 2021-2025 Alliance Strategy: 

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action’s 2021-2025 Strategy centres around one goal:

Overarching Goal: The CENTRALITY of CHILDREN and their PROTECTION is recognised and prioritised as ESSENTIAL and LIFE-SAVING across the humanitarian system.

All The Alliance’s technical work, advocacy, collaborations, and partnerships, will contribute to this goal through action and progress on four strategic priorities:

1) ACCOUNTABILITY TO CHILDREN, including ensuring their meaningful participation

2) LOCALISATION – Transforming how child protection works in humanitarian action



Looking Ahead... The Climate Crisis, Climate Justice, and Child Protection

The four priorities, each with their own goal and objectives in line with the Child Protection Minimum Standards, were identified through a consultative process that began at the 2020 Annual Meeting, and included consultations with The Alliance membership and leadership, as well as with partners, collaborators, and donors.

Additionally, the consultations identified the climate crisis as an urgent area in which The Alliance could help lead the sector, in particular given the strong connections between The Alliance’s strategic priorities and work on climate action and climate justice. Looking ahead, The Alliance will explore where and how it can meaningfully engage on climate action, and build sectoral capacity on responding to the climate crisis.

The Alliance will implement the new strategy through its core functions to achieve the goals and objectives to which it aspires. Implementation will be led by the Working Groups, Task Forces, and Initiatives, and their respective workplans. The Strategy framework will identify the linkages between the Strategy and workplans, as well as monitor and measure progress on strategy implementation. 

Suggested Citation: "Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (2021), Clarion Call: The Centrality of Children and their Protection within Humanitarian Action."

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